Country: France
Type of organization: C.S.O

Founded in 1996, Equi’Sol association is located in Lyon and Grenoble. Equi’Sol aims to promote all the reliable Fair Trade systems in the Rhone-Alps Region. Since the association is not a economic actor in the market, its activity is devoted not only to training, awareness, advocacy and education for the general public but also to promotion and development of fair trade chains.

Equi’Sol gets involved throughout all the commercial areas with:

  • Individual consumers and public and private purchasers;
  • Retailers: from the corner shops, specialized shops, mail order up to supermarket sectors;
  • Intermediaries: distributors, purchasing group, mass catering, automatic distribution…
  • Companies transforming or producing the products: roaster, confectioning…
  • Importers or the support structures (logistics platforms)

The analysis of the functioning the Fair Trade chains aims to stimulate the offer and the demand by a coherent action favouring the multiplication and the diversification of the commercial chains.

Two kinds of key actions:

  • Raising the awareness about the « North-South » business relations, informing and training about international trade and fair trade, educating about fair trade ;
  • Acting as a moderator of the commercial chains to identify the restrains and locks and as a link among the actors.

Thanks to the permanent watch on the development of Fair Trade and its new actors and to the will to establish new partnerships with a large number of structures, Equi’Sol becomes a real resources and skills centre on Fair Trade.

In the GEO FAIR TRADE Project, Equi’Sol will cooperate and participate in the Validation & Dissemination Board by fulfilling the evaluation and dissemination tasks (WP5) in WP4, Equi'Sol will develop a case study about education geoportal for fair trade.

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Guilhem Papelard, coordinator of the association, responsible of the resources pole (www.equidoc.info), the projects on public procurement of Fair Trade (www.achatspublicsequitables.com), the assistance on the creation of a business, assistance on the development of chains, and training.
  • Benoît Houssier, special assistant on education about Fair Trade: development of academic tools, organisation of event in school and presentations in higher education, training and online maintaining of the site www.educationequitable.com .
  • Michaela Magerl, special assistant for the organisation of the European Fair Trade Fair (www.salon-europeen-commerce-equitable), coordination network activities and knowledge of the Fair Trade actors in Europe.