Country: Switzerland
Type of organization: C.S.O

Pakka AG (Ltd) is a Zurich based trading company specialised in the promotion and trade of organic and fair trade products (mainly cashew nuts, dried fruits, spices, coffee, cocoa from Southern countries, especially from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its main activities are:

  • Facilitation of access to markets to its Southern partners (producer organisations, exporters of agricultural commodities), and promotion of their products in the European and North-American markets
  • Development of fair & organic brands (see
  • Trading bigger volumes of agricultural commodities to industry partners
  • Rendering consultancy services in the domain of market access and market linkages (trade fairs, research programmes, etc.).

Pakka believes in strong and long-term partnerships with organisations and businesses in Southern countries. Pakka seeks to set high standards and serve as a benchmark for North-South business partnerships anchored on mutual respect, cultural sensitivity and global economic justice. The main characteristic of all its business endeavours is, whenever possible, ‘organic’ and ‘fair’. Pakka constantly strives to reduce the size of the ‘environmental footprint’ of the goods and services it deals with.

In the GEO FAIR TRADE Project, Pakka will cooperate and participate in the WP4 and WP5 by fulfilling the proof of concept and dissemination tasks. Pakka will also present case studies with its Southern partners.

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Balz Strasser, Dr., Managing Partner of Pakka AG, coordinator of the GEO FAIR TRADE project within Pakka Trade.
  • Andres Tschannen, Dr., Managing Partner of Pakka AG
  • Southern partner organisations (to be defined)

Balz Strasser,, Tel. +41 44 454 22 86