Country: France
Type of organization: R.T.D

SIRS is an independent private company established in 1989 with the technical expertise, thematic experience and technology required in the production of geographical information. SIRS, over the last 18 years, has demonstrated its capacity to develop operational products and manage large scale geographical information production projects over extended geographical areas. There are currently about 30 staff working for SIRS.

SIRS is the prime contractor for the 2006 update of CORINE Land Cover for the whole of France and produced the previous versions of the CORINE data set for 2000 and 1990

  • Ortho-imagery production and Land Cover and infrastructure mapping as part of the (MGCP) Multinational Geospatial Co-production Programme NATO programme for West and Central Africa.
  • Agricultural controls with Remote Sensing in France since 1993 and in Luxemburg in 2005 and 2006.
  • Feasibility study for the development of a national rural GIS for Mauritania.
  • Development of the architecture and implementation of a pilot study for the implementation of European wide management and control system for nut crops.

Its role in the project will be mainly in the collection and processing of remotely sensed and other spatial data sets, information extraction from satellite imagery and the implementation of the integrated information system. The role of SIRS is a role of expertise in GIS data, but also in thematic data. SIRS is also looking after the processes, the setting up of coordinates, the interpretation, and the data harmonization.

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Dr Christophe Sannier graduated from ISTOM in France and holds an MSc and PhD in Applied Remote Sensing from Cranfield University. His areas of expertise are in the Integration of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing technologies for land resource monitoring and the sustainability of GIS implementation in developing countries. He is confident in the operation of the main GIS and Image Processing software and has taught GIS and Remote Sensing at MSc level for 10 years. Christophe has been involved in a number of researches and consultancy projects primarily in the EU, Africa and Brazil and has published nearly 10 refereed papers and 20 scientific reports and conference proceedings. He is fluent in French, English and can communicate effectively in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Pascal Versmessen holds an MSc Level qualification (DESS) in the design of Eco-Development projects from Lille University. Pascal has 20 years experience in the field of GIS and in the use and interpretation of satellite imagery for land use planning. He is GIS expert at SIRS since 1992. He has in depth knowledge of the main GIS software as well as a practical experience in the coordination of GIS implementation and the management of technical assistance projects in different countries, notably in Mauritania and India. He is also involved in the design and delivery of GIS training courses.
  • Valérie Le Goff holds an MSc level qualification (DEA) in Geography and Remote Sensing from Rennes University. Valérie has over 10 years experience in the field of agricultural controls with remote sensing and in information extraction from satellite imagery. Valérie joined SIRS in 1997. She has a geographer and has been involved in a significant number of projects where she was either project leader or in charge of quality control. She has also been involved in field work and in the production of the CORINE land cover data set.