Country: France
Type of organization: R.T.D

The Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, CIRAD ( ), is a French agricultural research centre working for development in developing countries and the French overseas regions. In the context of major global issues such as alleviating poverty and ensuring food security, sustainable development and streamlined management of natural resources and environment protection, CIRAD conducts training, information and innovation programmes, research, experiments and appraisals. It applies its skills in the life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences to agriculture and agrifoods, to natural resource management and to human societies. It has a staff of 1850, including 950 executives, and an operating budget of 170 million Euros.

CIRAD has three research departments: Biological Systems (BIOS), Performance of Tropical Production and Processing Systems (PERSYST) and Environments and Societies (ES). It is split into 62 units: 36 internal research units, 20 joint research units, 3 cooperative research units and 3 service units.

CIRAD has chosen sustainable development as the cornerstone of its operations worldwide. This means taking account of the long-term ecological, economic and social consequences of change in developing communities and countries. CIRAD works in over 50 countries worldwide, on targeted research for developing countries. Throughout its history, it has established and maintained close links with communities, agricultural, animal and forest production sites and physical and biological environments in the tropics and subtropics.

In the GEO FAIR TRADE project, Cirad is involved in all WP and will be in charge of the Proof of Concept (WP4). As Cirad has been particularly committed to scientific cooperation with Latin America, Africa, and Asia, it also has a close relationship with agrichain stakeholders. Both his privileged access to case studies and its experience in economic, social and environmental fields will allow the scientists and experts involved in this project to manage efficiently the WP4.

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Fanny Lange: agronomist, based in Brazil she has direct access to Southern Cone stakeholders, especially banana producers.
  • Didier MONTET: Food contaminant specialist in QualiSud Joint Research Unit will be in charge of quality attributes determination in WP2 and involved in the proof of concept (WP4).
  • Dominique PALLET: Food Engineer and project manager; will coordinate Cirad activities and be in charge of fruit chain in proof of concept (WP4)
  • Fabienne RIBEYRE: Sensory analysis specialist in UMR QualiSud, involved in quality attributes determination in WP2 and in the proof of concept (WP4).
  • Isabelle VAGNERON: is socio-economist specialist in food quality labels working in UMR MOISA in charge of socio economical data in proof of concept (WP4)
  • Mathieu WEIL: expert on Food Quality and Safety in QualiSud Joint Research Unit, will be coordinating the proof of concept (WP4).