CCI Gers (CCI Gers)
CCI Gers
Country: France
Type of organization: Public Authority

The Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( was founded in 1900 and is a Local Public Organisation (LPO) under French law. The mission of CCI-Gers is to:

  • Encourage the economic development of the Gers, in particular the local development.
  • Represent and animate the SME community with respect to their participation in trade, industry, public procurements and services in the Gers.

CCI-Gers has 30 permanent employees, plus 36 employees in three external services:

  • CRITT Agro-Food (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer)
  • CEEI Gers Gascogne (Business Innovation Centre for Small & Medium Enterprises and Innovation)
  • CCI FORMATION: Training Centre

The CCI Gers is certified ISO 9001 (AFAQ).

CCI Gers has a strong expertise in E.U. FP5, FP6 project co-ordination: GeoTraceAgri (IST -2001), GTIS CAP (Food Safety 2004) and PETER (Food safety 2006) . Also CCI Gers coordinates Interreg IIIB (SOHO IIIB 2004 and Interreg IIIC project (GRISI IIIC 2005 CCI Gers has created a Techno Center in Geomatics named Teleparc ( with RTD department specialised in Geo-Traceability , Training department with initial training in Geomatics in cooperation with the Paul Sabatier University, and an Incubator (BIC Gers Gascony for start up un Geomatics services with five new enterprises - SMEs).

Two leading French companies specialised in Fair Trade, ECOCERT and ETHIQUABLE, are members of the CCI Gers. All two are located in the Gers Department and, for this reason, the CCI Gers participates actively the promotion of Fair Trade.

In the GEO FAIR TRADE project CCI Gers will be in charge of the management (WP0). In the WP3, CCI Gers will bring its expertise in Geo-Traceability and web services. In the WP4, WP5, CCI Gers will bring its expertise in marketing for the implementation and dissemination

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Pascale DARRE General Manager of the CCI since 15 years will be the GEO FAIR TRADE project Director.
  • Michel DEBORD CCI European project Manager will be the GEO FAIR TRADE project manager in relation with the EC project Officer,
  • Laure LACOURT CCI Administrative & Financial manager will be in charge of the financial control & reporting, (WP0)
  • Juan Manuel Mora-Rey CCI European project assistant co-ordinator for the day to day management and consortia animation, (WP0)
  • Gregoire DEBORD CCI Online project manager will be in charge of the Internet, Extranet and Intranet GEO FAIR TRADE project sites (WP0 and WP5)
  • Rafael MORENO PERALTO CCI Geomatics project manager (Agronomist engineer) will be in charge of the proof of concept (WP5)
  • Dominique OGIER CCI ICT Geomatics Project manager will participate in WP3 for the definition of the Integrated Information System