Max Havelaar France (MH)
Max Havelaar France
Country: France
Type of organization: C.S.O

Max Havelaar France is the French member of the international NGO: Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). FLO is an umbrella organization that unites 20 Labelling Initiatives in 21 countries and Producer Networks representing Fairtrade Certified Producer Organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

FLO is the leading standard setting and certification organization for labelled Fairtrade. Products carry the Fairtrade Certification Mark as the independent consumer guarantee that producers in the developing world get a better deal (i.e. a Fairtrade minimum price, a Fairtrade Premium to enable producers to build necessary social infrastructure, etc.). To ensure the transparency of the system, certification is done by an independent international certification company, FLO-CERT GMBH.

FLO is working as per end of December 2006 with: 569 Fairtrade Certified Producer Organisations, representing over 1,4 million farmers and workers, in 57 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2006, consumers worldwide bought 1,6 billion Euros worth of Fairtrade Certified Products, 42 % more than the year before.

In the GEO FAIR TRADE Project, Max Havelaar France will cooperate and participate in the Validation & Dissemination Board by fulfilling the evaluation and dissemination tasks (WP5). Also Max Havelaar will bring its expertise in WP1, WP2 and WP4 as a member of the Core Group. Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

Key persons involved in the GEO FAIR TRADE project:

  • Sylvain Ly is market manager for coffee and salt grocery’s products in Max Havelaar France. He is also in charge of IT projects for the organization. He is involved in international projects (contract committee and licensing working group) for the Max Havelaar – FLO System. He was graduated from Toulouse Business School (specialization in NGOs management) and has also studied economy and international marketing in Mexico (TEC de Monterrey).