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What you get

You will get Email messages about any new addition to the web site. New addition will be:

  • regular progress reports about the advancement of the project and the main achievements
  • Announcement of the two different workshops on :
    • Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) and on
    • The characteristics of the selected test sites and their corresponding Geo Fair Trade Traceability, which may eventually be accessible to the public
  • You may then get in touch with the partners organizing the workshops in order to be invited as experts (limited access, previous evaluation of your contribution)
  • Invitation the two different conferences.
    • The first mid term conference will take place during October 2010 in Spain (the exact timing and location will be determined later)
    • The second and final conference will take place during the second part of February 2012 within the Biofach Trade Show in Nuremberg (Germany)

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Please register to become a member of the Club of Interested Parties. As a member,  you can take position on the different documents prepared by the partners end comment on them! Fill-in following form to apply for registration


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